Mabeyn Bahcesehir


Introducing Mabeyn Bahçeşehir, an exceptional endeavor brought to life through the collaboration with our esteemed partner construction company in Istanbul. Nestled within the enchanting expanse of Bahçeşehir, Istanbul, this project spans an impressive area of approximately 32,424.41 square meters. Meticulously crafted by Buse Dastan Architects, every architectural element and landscape feature of this residential development has been thoughtfully designed with unwavering attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. Witness the culmination of our expertise as we invite you to experience the pinnacle of refined living at Mabeyn Bahçeşehir.


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Interior Design, Furniture Implementation, Project Execution.

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At Buse Dastan Architects, we are deeply passionate about architectural design, which is evident in our work at Mabeyn Bahçeşehir. The architectural design of the site has been meticulously crafted to emphasize space efficiency. Our dedication to architectural design is seen in the way our architects have incorporated the structures into the landscape, ensuring that residents are treated to stunning green vistas that are a natural extension of their environment. The architectural design philosophy behind the positioning of social facilities and communal spaces at the core of the development guarantees a secluded ambiance, sheltered from the city’s hustle. Dive into the architectural design marvel of Mabeyn Bahçeşehir and experience the perfect equilibrium between nature’s beauty and the sophistication of urban living.



The architectural design journey we embarked upon at Mabeyn Bahçeşehir is a reflection of more than just maximizing spatial utility or achieving harmony with nature. Every nuanced detail and element in our architectural design speaks volumes of our unwavering commitment to transcending the norms of everyday living. With precise and thoughtful architectural design choices, we’ve championed the use of natural light, creating spaces that not only breathe but also stir the soul. Our gardens, pathways, and expansive open spaces aren’t mere additions but are integral to our architectural vision. They intertwine seamlessly, promoting a sense of community, fostering meaningful interactions, and carving out tranquil oases in the midst of urban vibrancy. At Mabeyn Bahçeşehir, it’s never been just about erecting structures; it’s about weaving a tapestry of immersive experiences. Dive into the architectural tapestry of Mabeyn Bahçeşehir and journey through spaces where every nook tells a tale and every architectural contour stands as a symphony of design excellence.


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Within this meticulously crafted landscape, we have carefully curated an environment that serves as an oasis, enabling you to escape the stresses of daily life and find solace while enjoying a cup of coffee with your neighbors. Immerse yourself in a realm where a myriad of enriching experiences await, including rejuvenating hot water pools, soothing water therapy rooms, enchanting fruit gardens brimming with variety, inviting cafeterias, state-of-the-art sports facilities, and much more.

Discover the perfect retreat where you can unwind, indulge, and connect with the beauty of your surroundings. Mabeyn Bahçeşehir presents an unparalleled opportunity to create lasting memories and cherish a life defined by boundless comfort and rejuvenation.