Golden Bubble House


H.A Curvaceous Architecture is a stunning project located in Düşler Vadisi Riva, Istanbul. Our goal for this project was to create a warm, bright, and luxurious living space with delightful entertaining details. The bold choices we made are what make this house so elegant and unique. We believe that comfort and functionality are the essential elements that make this house special. The textures and surfaces we used in this project help to differentiate the different areas of the house.


Beykoz, Düşler Vadisi / İstanbul

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Interior Design, Furniture Implementation, Project Execution.

Curvaceous Architecture | Buse Dastan Architects
Curvaceous Architecture | Buse Dastan Architects


H.A Curvaceous Architecture is designed to create a harmonious flow throughout the house, using colors and materials that complement each other. However, to add visual interest, we also incorporate contrasting textures and colors as focal points. Our main focus during the planning process was to achieve both aesthetics and functionality. By incorporating the Curvaceous Architecture approach and including entertaining details, the house offers everything that a family desires and requires.


In the living area, we focused on two main focal points. First, we placed a mirror in front of the window to allow sunlight to fill the room, creating a warm and inviting space. The second focal point is the fireplace area, which provides a cozy and relaxed environment. To add contrast, we selected a marble material that stands out in the living area.

Curvaceous Architecture | Buse Dastan Architects
Curvaceous Architecture | Buse Dastan Architects

In the kitchen, we opted for dark tones in the cabinets to evoke a sense of luxury, complemented by stone and brass details. Functionality was a top priority for us, ensuring a well-planned workflow and ample storage space for utensils. To add warmth to the kitchen, we incorporated mirrors, brass accents, and plants.

The dusty pink color scheme found its perfect place in this serene bedroom. Our aim was to create a soft and tranquil atmosphere. The unique desk design, accompanied by a floor lamp, adds a touch of sophistication to elevate the room's overall chicness.

Curvaceous Architecture was implemented meticulously, considering the comfort and needs of the occupants. The ceiling design in this room aims to evoke a beach-like ambiance, enhancing the overall experience.
For the boys' bedroom, we selected textures that provide a luxurious industrial look.