Calm Line House


This minimalist house interior design is located in Düşler Vadisi, Istanbul. Our team's approach to this project is centered around creating a functional, modern, and aesthetically pleasing family home. We take care of every aspect, from meticulously planning the layout to selecting the perfect accessories, in order to design a beautiful house that meets the needs and desires of the family.


Beykoz, Düşler Vadisi / Istanbul

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Interior Design, Furniture Implementation, Project Execution.


Creating an efficient and functional plan is of utmost importance. We ensure that every room and area of the house is thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific needs and interests of the family. Careful consideration is given to each and every detail to achieve a cohesive minimalistic style throughout the entire space.


Upon observing the design of the house, the first impression is one of coziness and tranquility.
The colors and textures harmoniously blend together, creating a seamless and soothing atmosphere.

The house exudes a sense of brightness, openness, and breathtaking simplicity, while maintaining an elegant and luxurious appearance.
The use of neutral materials and textures contributes to the fabulous and timeless style of the house.

The furniture is meticulously designed to suit the space and enhance the overall serenity of the house. Minimal lines are employed in the furniture design, adding to the sense of tranquility.

Every intricate detail in this house has been carefully considered, resulting in a splendid, gorgeous, and highly functional living environment.