Mongolia Misheel Restaurant

Restaurant Interior Design


Located in Mongolia, this Restaurant Interior Design Spanning across two floors, the restaurant offers various seating options, private rooms for guests, a vibrant open bar serving perfect cocktails and drinks, and a dedicated stage for live music. Our skilled team meticulously planned and executed this large-scale project, taking into account the potential customer base and their preferences to ensure a delightful dining experience for all visitors.


Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia

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Interior Design, Furniture Implementation, Project Execution.

Restaurant Design


When designing a commercial space like this, it is paramount to create a layout that ensures optimal functionality and seamless workflow. Our team took great care in designing the layout, meticulously considering every step of the process, from food preparation to serving it to the guests. By carefully planning the workflow, we aimed to enhance efficiency and create a smooth operation that caters to both the staff and the guests' needs.


In the design concept for this project, our team drew inspiration from cultural and traditional elements as a foundation.

We focused on symbolization through the use of colors, patterns, and distinctive fixtures. To create visual divisions, dome-shaped ceilings and lighting fixtures were employed, taking cues from the traditional "Yurt" tents.

Restaurant Design
Restaurant Design

When it comes to materials, we carefully selected dark-toned natural wood, marble, stone, and other materials that reference traditional patterns and textures.

Taijitu, a symbol representing fire, sun, moon, earth, water, and balance, served as a guiding principle for harmonizing colors throughout the space. The dominant primary color sets the overall tone, while brown and tan hues represent the earth element. Combinations of blue and green evoke water, ocher and yellow represent the moon and sun respectively, black embodies the balance between darkness and light, and white symbolizes the opposite of light and materials.

The color red, representing fire, is used to convey freedom, progress, prosperity, and satisfaction. It is strategically distributed from the entrance (reception) throughout the project, creating contrasting color combinations that make a bold statement.